Millington Barnstormers Aeromodelling Club

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If you live around Millington Tennessee and are interested in aeromodeling including R/C planes, helicopters,
quad copters, and even control line flying, you have landed at the best site ever! The Millington Barnstormers
is a group of flying enthusiasts who have either been flying for years or have just taken their first flight
with a trainer. If you are new to the aeromodeling world, an onsite instructor is available by appointment to
help you get started in a great hobby!

The runway is a maintained 600 foot, east to west, grass runway which is softer and more forgiving to land on
than a paved runway. The control line area and helicopter area are also maintained and are both separate from
the main runway to allow for multiple pilots to fly at the same time.

Club meetings are on the second Saturday of each month at 9AM and are held at the field in the warm months or a
local restaurant in the winter months. Come join us at one of our meetings or on a weekend to learn more about
us and have a great time!

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