President: Willie Johnson

It is a pleasure to serve as president for a group of individuals sharing the common interest of model aviation.  This is my second stint as an officer.  I previously served as secretary.  I truly value the relationships, experiences and knowledge I have gained from being a member of the Millington Barnstormers R. C. Club.

My first model aircraft was a Cox control line F-15 Eagle.  I was able to make a few laps with assistance of a friend launching.  I was hooked but knew no one else who was into model aviation much less control line.  I didn’t think at the time I could ever afford a radio-controlled model.  I used the money from odd jobs and my 1 day a week paper route to purchase balsa models (built but never flown) and Flying Model magazines.  With the magazines I became a student of model aviation.  I was intrigued by the precision aerobatic control line models.  They were beautiful works of engineering.  I wanted to know how they worked and what the designers meant by moments, center of gravity and area.  This sparked an interest in mathematics and science that led to 30 years plus career in engineering.

Fast forward to 2006 I decided to get back into modeling.  I purchased a control line ARF, built a launching stooge and headed to a local park.  I was able to do a few laps.  I was now excited and dangerous.  I saw an advertisement for a control line fun fly at the Millington Barnstormer’s field.  I crashed my plane on take-off and the rest is history.  I enjoy this hobby and this great group of modelers.  My interests are fixed wing R. C. and control line but I see a quad in my future.  I’m still learning, still having fun and as my good friend Jim Lynch says still “making memories”.


Vice President: Dave Eason

As a kid, always looked at the skies to see what was making the noise above. I’ve been fascinated with airplanes and fixed wing aircraft since I was a child. I started flying control line when I was about 10 years old. The old Cox .49 models. Did some model rocketry also. In the early 90s I decided I wanted to get into radio control. Met Joe Drawdy at the hobby shop in Millington and they got me going on my first trainer. That’s when I was introduced to the Millington Barnstormers. After being successful my first take offs and landings I was hooked. Throughout the 90s, I flew at the field and then took about a 10 year break. When I got back in it, I found giant scale and the 3-d flying style. This club is always been a second home to me. And I appreciate the opportunity to be able to lead this wonderful group of people and this club. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by people that love to do the same thing that I do. And different things than I do. I am glad we can all enjoy the freedom of flight.

Dave Eason


Treasure: Jim Stanton

I have been involved with modeling since I was 9 years old.  I built the CL models form Sterling, Midwest, and Top flite just to name a few.  I got out of modeling when I went into the Army in 1966.  I got married in 1967 and raised a family.  I moved to the Memphis area in July 2001 from California because of work.  I got back into modeling that very month and joined the Barnstormers at the time.  I love the RC Planes that are available in the AFR or Kit forms.  Have built a few from plans

Jim Stanton

Editor’s Note: Jim is a backbone to the Millington Barnstormers. No job to large or small. We are blessed to have him.

Secretary: Roy A. Pasco




Safety Officer: Vaughn M Gantt