Millington Barnstormer hosted COMMUNITY DAYS, a very Family-friendly annual event, on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

The weather was great with beautiful high clouds and variable winds and moderate temps. The food was good and all 300 home-made cookies were eaten!

THANKS to all the Barnstormer pilots and members who showed up Friday and Saturday to help support the event and make the AIR SHOW memorable.

The RC Airplane and Control Line Stunt Flying was amazing, the Quad racing was fast and furious, the Gravity Defying – Helicopters – were dizzy and dazzling and the Candy Drop was as a super funny crowd pleaser. The flight simulator was a delight for all who attempted because “crashing didn’t hurt” and Reset got you right back in the air! And free flying lessons were enjoyed by all ages. The drawings were also crowd pleasing with lots of prizes and RC aircraft worth hundreds of dollars being won.