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I was looking "back to the future" and was happy to see the Millington Barnstormers and strong and still a very active RC Club. I noticed your mention of "some of the names" in the cement and I was there for the signing". It took a lot of hard work and negotiating to secure the field and I'm glad to see you continue to serve the community and keep RC Flying alive and safe. I gained knowlege and insight from Jim P. on design, building and flying. We called him "the ice man".....always cool.
My wife and I still have our Club Jackets and Millington Barnstormers RC Club plastic "clip tags" for: Float Fly, Night Fly, RC Combat, and Q-28 Racing "1990".
We had to relocate to Richmnd, VA in 1991 and I still build and fly .40 glow to 70cc gas planes and also have a few "electrics" as well. Keep up the good work.
George McAllister, Richmond Va

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